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German-Chinese Industrial Projects

We create bridges

We have our focus on connecting chinese and german industrial companies (SME).

We put our main focus on identifying, initiating and coordinating German-Chinese industrial common projects.

We understand our customers

We evaluate our own intersectoral technological expertise and international experience as a key project success factor for your commitment to China and as a unique selling proposition (USP) compared to our competitors. We are no "consultants" or "office worker" - but we see our projects as a challenging task that we solve together with our customers and to complete it finally. A close and confidential cooperation with mutual respect for each other, this means the fundamental basis for a successful liaison.

Neighbor Germany

In 1972 the Federal Republic of Germany and the People´s Republic of China established their diplomatic relationship. Since that time, the Sino-German economic relationship has developed with breathtaking speed into a success story. China is the most important economic partner of Germany in Asia, Germany is the most important trade partner of China in Europe. China´s strengths lie in the rapid and consistent implementation of pioneering projects. Due to the pioneering role that Germany has taken in many areas of climate and environmental protection and alternative energy and energy efficiency, Germany can offer this experience to China in order to build a fruitful and equal partnership. This partnership can become a leading global economic cooperation.

It is getting more and more clearly evident: the future of our country decides in the Middle Kingdom. We are heavily dependent on exports - that is the Achilles heel of our economy. The risks, not to be in China are much higher than the risks of being in China. Germany is and remains the single most important trade partner of China in Europe. Technology and products "Made in Germany" in China tops the shopping list (current 5 year plan).

Our services

Industrial Project Management for German-Chinese common projects

Our core business means the planning, structuring and organization of German-Chinese industrial projects.

Market Research – We are well familiar in wide technical areas

Customers are companies from the following areas: Medical technology, Electronic information technology, Industry automation technology, Machine and plant engineering, Agricultural engineering, Environmental protection & technology, Renewable energy and related fields.

German-Chinese industrial cooperations

We put the focus of our work on the intersectoral technical project management and the building of strategic German-Chinese high-tech cooperations.

Mergers & Acquisitions – Research & Development

In addition, we build bridges between German and Chinese companies that are going to plan direct investments in the partner country.
We offer further support for companies who decide to work together in the frame of M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) as well as R&D (Research & Development). This includes the support and implementation in the field of law and taxation, accounting and auditing in the corresponding country right through our network partners in China and Germany.

Doing business for you - Sharing business with you - It´s your business!

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